Bed & Breackfast Pompei B&B Dolcevita Pompei
Bed & Breackfast Pompei B&B Dolcevita Pompei

Modern Pompeii

Pompeii is famous for the presence of ruins of the ancient city and the sanctuary dedicated to the worship of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary.

The excavations brought to light the city buried under the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD C. started in 1755 by Charles III of Bourbon, King of Naples. Subsequently became the Bourbon monarchs of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The ancient city was discovered by chance and after a silence that lasted 1864 years. The birth of the autonomous municipality was mainly due to the discovery of metropoli.Uno excavations of the great protagonists of the Renaissance city of Pompeii was Blessed Bartolo Longo and his wife Countess Marianna De Fusco Fornararo, came to the Valley (ancient town name) in 1875. Blessed, for one, including the importance of the site and wanted to erect a shrine dedicated to the Marian cult. Work began in 1876 and ended in 1891. Of great importance is the marble facade remained intact after work to extend the church Bartolina occurred in 1933. The facade, with a large porch and a double row of marble columns, Baroque-style dates back to 1900 and is dedicated to world peace. Among other works of Fra remember the Hospice of the children of prisoners, the Institute for the orphans of St. Rosario, the latter strongly desired by the Countess. The church was later elevated to the Papal Basilica.

How to arrive
By plane:
from Capodichino Airport take bus direction Piazza Garibaldi then by train or bus
By train:
Railway Circumvesuviana line Naples-Pompei-Poggiomarino (stop Pompei Santuario);
Railway Ferrovie dello Stato - Line Napoli - Salerno (stop Pompei).
By bus:
From Naples: SITA (Naples-Pompeii)
From Salerno: SITA (Salerno-Pompeii), CSTP # 4, CSTP Swift (highway)
From Rome: Marozzi Bus (Rome-Pompeii)
By car:
Take the A3 Naples-Pompeii-Salerno (exit Pompeii Ovest).



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